Sámi music education programme

The foundation of Sámi Music Academy’s activities is a high-quality, international Sámi music education programme that introduces the students to the traditional Sámi vocal music dialects and their regional special characteristics, and extensively to the ways of the entire music field.

Competent instructors

The instructors in the training programme are both permanent teachers and visiting Sámi music specialists. Music theory, singing, playing various instruments, group playing and composing new music are taught in the music training programme. The students are taught to perform traditional Sámi vocal music dialects both traditionally and with accompanying instruments.

Musician as an entrepreneur

The instruction involves both traditional entrepreneurship and cultural entrepreneurship. The training provides a premise for content production, marketing and business management. The training also gives the capacity to work in the field of music and readiness to start one’s own company.

Advanced studies

Sámi Music Academy has arranged one-year basic studies in Sámi music three times. There have been a total of 22 students in the programme. The academic year 2019–2020 is the first time when advanced studies in Sámi music will be arranged, providing deeper competence, knowledge and the skills needed with Sámi music. Students can choose between the soloist or musician line. The programme provides good provisions to apply for further music studies.

Soloist and musician lines

The soloist line emphasises traditional and modern Sámi music, and the diploma work involves planning one’s own solo concert and carrying it out with experienced musicians. The musician line emphasises the development of musician skills.

Musician’s basic degree

Advanced studies provide the students with the capacity to participate in the skills test for the basic secondary education degree in music or sections thereof at the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory, which is a Sámi Music Academy partner.

More information about the education

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Head instructor
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During the 2019–2020 academic year, Sámi Music Academy is arranging advanced studies in the Sámi music education programme. The training will be implemented with two lines: soloist and musician. In the soloist line, there will be monthly contact teaching periods of 4–5 days at a time, while the musician line will provide collaboration with Utsjoki Upper Secondary School.

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