Music education at Sámi University of Applied Sciences

Located in Kautokeino, Norway, Sámi University of Applied Sciences, the Sámi allaskuvla, educates early educators and teachers. Sámi Music Academy produces high-quality music teaching for the university as period instruction.

Tailored education

An education package is tailored for the pedagogy students at the Sámi University of Applied Sciences, arranged as contact teaching. This unit increases the level and quantity of music education at Sámi University of Applied Sciences. The syllabus takes traditional Sámi vocal music dialects and music pedagogy into account Sámi-speaking kindergartens and schools serve as the training environment. The education utilises digital aids.

New and revised material

The first week of contact teaching in Utsjoki was arranged in November 2018. New learning material was prepared for early childhood education during the week, old materials were adapted to a new format, material intended for early childhood education was practised, and demos were recorded for children’s songs.

Sámi music for schools

Education has the effect that music club activity and education on Sámi music at kindergartens and schools are increasing and their quality is improving.

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