Music as a profession

Sámi Music Academy trains music specialists in all fields involving music. Both traditional and modern Sámi music are increasingly attractive around the world, and therefore the music business needs a variety of music professionals.

Music professionals

It takes a composer, lyricist and arranger to make music. Production skills are needed in the various stages of music marketing. A player or singer can work in an orchestra or other ensembles. A sound mixer with a sharp ear is needed in concerts and when recording music.

Teacher and tourism

There are many types of educational jobs in the field of music, with pupils ranging in age from infants to grandfathers. A music professional can also be a programme service entrepreneur for the growing tourism business, as trips to the Sámi region create demand for genuine and real programme services that reflect the Sámi culture.

Studies help

The studies will explain where the income comes from, how marketing should be done and networks created, and how a music artist should also learn to apply for grants to further personal development.