Studies in the Sámi Music Academy education programme emphasise working in the music business, which, in the Sámi region, requires flexibility and multiple skills. Sámi Music Academy also develops music as a hobby with emphasis on traditional Sámi vocal music dialects.

Music as a profession

Sámi Music Academy trains music specialists in all fields involving music. Both traditional and modern Sámi music are increasingly attractive around the world, and therefore the music business needs a variety of music professionals.

Sámi music education programme

The foundation of Sámi Music Academy’s activities is a high-quality, international Sámi music education programme that introduces the students to the traditional Sámi vocal music dialects and their regional special characteristics, and extensively to the ways of the entire music field.

Music education at Sámi University of Applied Sciences

Located in Kautokeino, Norway, Sámi University of Applied Sciences, the Sámi allaskuvla, educates early educators and teachers. Sámi Music Academy produces high-quality music teaching for the university as period instruction.

Sámi upper secondary school and music

Sámi Music Academy offers secondary school music courses together with the Sámi upper secondary school in Utsjoki. Both parties have the strong will to increase the course offering of music and Sámi music in particular.

Sámi Music Academy's student stories