Mihkku Laiti, student 2018-2020

My time with the studies was excellent. The strongest impression was the fellow students with whom I got to spend the whole year. Band training also greatly impressed me. I had earlier played with my friend, sung and played the clarinet but had no experience of band life. At the end of the academic year, I already had plenty of experience playing together. I would never have thought I would perform a single rap song, but I got the courage to try it, and it went well!

Interest to yoik is piqued

Yoiking is part of the Sámi culture and therefore keeping it alive is important. It has a long history that does not need to end. Although personally I have not particularly liked the traditional yoik, my interest is now piqued by it. A year ago, my attitude toward yoik was considerably more distant than now: with my studies, however, I have started to understand the importance of this musical tradition. Now I want to keep yoik going on my part as well.

Own yoiktraditions

When I started studying the musical tradition of my family, I initially had difficulties finding the yoik singing tradition or yoikers themselves. A surprise was there to be found, though, as I found out that my great-grandfather had been a yoiker! Nobody at all in the family knew about this. I have learned to make music with a computer and am interested in combining yoik with electronic music. I still do not know how it would be but I plan to develop this idea.

Interest in music technology

Right from the beginning of the summer, I have made several backgrounds for songs. I have concluded collaboration agreements with other creators, which in practice means I have managed to sell songs. After completing my second year and upper secondary school, I am interested in studying music technology or other music studies at a university of applied sciences.

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