Inger-Anni Valkeapää

The best thing about a music academy is good team spirit. We are a good group and studying together is fun. Currently I am studying both at Enontekijö High School and the Music Academy, which is why my music studies are tailored to suit me.

There is enough to do in studies. I have been paired with an intensive period Academy of Music and appeared on just Etnosápmi concert with opiskelukavereitteni. There, I presented my big-grandma, Elle Hott, with a drink. I had practiced it earlier with Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman and I have now been over a year and a half in his teaching. I have an Oarjannieiddat yogic group with my sister and a friend and with Anna we have been studying and practicing old yogic lineages.

Traditional music not visible

Nowadays, you can’t really hear traditional Sami music anywhere. You can hear them at the Academy of Music and also get to know them and learn them. I have not yet taken a course on studying traditional music in my family, but I may attend it later. However, studying at the Academy of Music has in its own way brought new ideas to music. I’m excited again to sing and I enjoy performing. I hope that in the future I will be able to sing and perform. I may well apply for a music academy to study for a second year at some point, but I still can’t say for sure. However, high school studies are currently high and I focus on them in addition to my music academy studies.

New enthusiasm

So the future is open. However, I’ve already found the new enthusiasm for example, just singing studies. It is very possible that the studies will be useful in the future and that music and studying will continue from here on.

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