Erke Eriksen, student 2016-2017

One of the highlights of my studies at the music academy was playing live in front of people. I loved it and playing in general. It was in Utsjoki that I also took interest in the theory of music and music technology.

Saamen musiikkiakatemian opiskelija soittaa kitaraa

The yoiks of the family are a continuing source of inspiration

Even before I learned about the musical background of my family, I was completely captivated by music. It was interesting then to start researching the musical tradition of my family. I started from scratch, as I knew no one in my family who would have had any connection with the musical tradition. Our teacher, Marko Jouste, was a great help, having access to recordings that supported the research. I finally found out that the mother and brothers of my great-grandmother had yoiked. This was a delight to me and still continues to inspire me.

Significant traditional music

Traditional music dialects are just as significant and language is. They are a material part of identity and being Sámi. If yoiking were to disappear, it would eradicate a great part of all that it is to be Sámi. When talking about what it means to be Sámi, one cannot ignore the significance of the traditional music dialects. Not everyone needs to yoik or listen to yoiks, but the tradition could certainly be heard more.

Theory helped start studies at a music-oriented upper secondary school

Learning the theory of music was a significant part of my studies. Knowing theory helped me abundantly in my admission exam to a music-oriented upper secondary school, which is where I currently study. Being together with other students of the music academy, playing and making music with them, will stay in my memories. It is great to be with people who are equally interested in and enthused by music. Everything I learned and played was a good experience and good education.

Learning the electric bass again

During my studies, I took up the electric bass again. I ended up playing the bass rather often and could not anticipate how fun it would be to play. I had previously played the electric bass as well, but now the fun of it really took me by surprise. I also played the drums at the music academy and found them equally inspiring.

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