Aimo Aikio, student 2018-2020

The first year of studies included plenty of great moments. One of the best was a yoik conference in Tromsø where I met new people and learned a lot that was new about yoiking. In addition, Tromsø is a beautiful town. Another great thing about the studies was the gigs. Playing together with others kept feeling better and better toward the end. Also, the visiting teachers—each of them excellent—were quite memorable during the past year.

My grandmother—the leu´dder

With traditions, we know where we originate in the cultural sense. By learning about traditional music, I have learned plenty about things I knew nothing about. When you learn about your own culture, you learn about your history. I tried to look for yoiks and livđes and finally leu´dds. I was surprised when I could find an abundance of leu´dds in particular! This also immediately awoke my interest toward leu´dds, but I am still equally interested in livđes and yoiks. As a result of this, leu´dd became close to me. For example, I found out that my grandmother was a leu´dder.

Traditional songs and mandolin

I am currently composing a work based on traditional music. Here, the traditional songs are changing form. I will continue to the soloist line in the autumn and will continue practising the mandolin, for example. There is plenty to do, but it does play already.

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