Presentation of Sámi Music Academy

Sámi Music Academy hosts a network that aims to preserve, develop and promote Sámi music as a income.

Sámi Music Academy hosts a network that aims to preserve, develop and promote traditional and modern Sámi music. In the future, Sámi Music Academy educates Sámi-speaking music professionals, develop music club activities, create new pedagogical ways of teaching Sámi music at schools and kindergartens, and provide music courses at the Utsjoki upper secondary school. Sámi Music Academy strengthens the Sámi music instruction at Sámi allaskuvla so that Sámi allaskuvla can offer music education to its pedagogy students. The academy develops basic education in arts and arranges music camps for children and the youth in order to revitalise the Sámi language and culture.

The Sámi Music Academy project

Sámi musihkkaakademiija builds a network that preserves, strengthens and develops traditional and modern Sámi music as a source of income. Operators in the network include the Sámi Region Education Centre (Finland), Sámi University of Applied Sciences (Norway) and Municipality of Utsjoki (Finland). The project is funded by Interreg Nord Sápmi, the Regional Council of Lapland, Sámi University of Applied Sciences and the Municipality of Utsjoki.

Contact us

Sámi Music Academy operates in the village of Utsjoki in an old log house built in 1929 that was renovated as the music house in 2014. The house is part of the Áilegas Centre, which is working to revitalise and strengthen the Sámi language. The address of Sámi Music Academy is Utsjoentie 46 b.


Concerts and projects

The foundation of education at Sámi Music Academy is doing and learning by doing. Concerts and other projects provide experience in the work of a musician. The students create their own music and adapt existing music. The training programmes have included music videos made as projects, development of music pedagogy, and producing a concert.