Sámi musihkkaakademiija festival

The first Sámi musihkkaakademiija festival will be arranged at 29.8. in Utsjoki. Event will be also livestreamed through Sámi musihkkaakademiija youtube page. The main artists of the festival are students of the Sámi Music Academy who step on stage with their own solo programs and professional musicians.

Anna Lumikivi
Laura Tapiola
Heli Aikio
Anna Morottaja
Heli Huovinen
Sami Kurppa, keyboard
Janne Lappalainen, guitar
Sara Puljula, percussion, double bass
Veli-Pekka Puttonen, bass
Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman, clarinets
The concert includes Sámi songs, luohti (yoik) and livđe in traditional form as well as with instruments. The Sámi musihkkaakademiija festivála offers a full-day music experience in Utsjoki and in livestream. Admission is free and the festival is for all ages
Welcome either to Utsjoki or listen the festival through livestream!

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