New music in Sámi language

Students of the Sámi Music Academy, Aimo Aikio, Heli Aikio and Anna Lumikivi will publish new songs they have made during this academic year. The songs have been made as an optional project as a part of Sámi music studies, which they have passed during the academic year. In the project, the students have composed, written lyrics and, together with the musicians, made arrangements for the songs. The results are two Inari Sámi and one Skolt Sámi song. The songs will start playing on YLE Sápmi's radio programs before Easter and later in the spring the songs will be published online.

Heli Aikio: Kyevti puuljâr

Inari lyricist and songwriter Heli Aikio has been singing and performing since she was a child. For twenty years she has become known e.g.  as a performer of Aune Kuuva’s children’s songs and she has also released some Inari Sámi songs. Academic years 2018-2020 Aikio has studied Sámi music at the Sámi Music Academy in Utsjoki.

The love song Kyevti puuljâr (Bubble of Two) tells about a long-distance relationship and the longing associated with it. The song has been composed and written by Heli Aikio. In addition to Heli Aikio, Katri Kittilä, Kevin Francett and Veli-Pekka Puttonen have been responsible for arranging the instruments. The song was recorded at Sajos’ studio in Inari and mixed and mastered by Janne Lappalainen. The musicians of the song are Heli Aikio (vocals), Satu Aikio (backing vocals), Katti Kittilä (keyboards), Kevin Francett (drums) and Veli-Pekka Puttonen (bass).

Aimo Aikio: Jieŋâ vuálá

Aimo Aikio is a second-year student at the Sámi Music Academy and is particularly interested in learning about the musical traditions of his own families. Aikio has both Inari Sámi and Skolt Sámi family roots. Aimo Aikio has played guitar since he was little and has also composed for a long time. In addition to his work as a musician, he studies the Inari Sámi language at the Giellagas Institute.

Aimo Aikio’s new song Jieŋâ vuálá (Under the Ice) tells about dormitory experiences from the perspective of a small child. The song tells of a sad thing when a child has to live in a strange environment and misses his own home and parents. The chorus “you have to leave, you have to make it” refers to Minna Rasmus’ master’s thesis “I have to leave, I have to make it”. In addition to Aimo Aikio (vocals and guitar), the song includes Niki Rasmus (electronic backgrounds, arrangement, recording, mixing and mastering) and Eeva-Maija Vehviläinen (jouhikko).

Anna Lumikivi: Õõmâs

Anna Lumikivi is a Skolt Sámi singer-songwriter who composes and lyrics Skolt Sámi pop music. In the Suõmmkar ensemble, Anna Lumikivi works as a singer and performer, and also composes and lyrics new more ethno songs for the band. Anna is also familiar with the Skolt Sámi leuʹdd tradition and is making the world’s first Skolt Sámi children’s songbook.

Õõmâs (Miracle) is Anna’s composition and lyrics, which personally tells about the parents’ feelings before the birth of a new life. Anna has written the song for her debut as a track song. Its strong message is that together we are stronger and will survive anywhere. The musicians included in the song are responsible for arranging the song with Anna Lumikivi: Katri Kittilä – piano, Veli-Pekka Puttonen – guitar and bass, Aimo Aikio – drums, Pessi Jouste violin and Hannes Jämsä – cello. The song has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Janne Lappalainen, and the strings have been recorded by Aino Kallio.


For more information:

Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman, Sámi Music Academy Leading Teacher, tel 0504093988

Aimo Aikio, tel. 0458510900

Heli Aikio, tel. 0407160278

Anna Lumikivi, tel. 0408249328

The new songs are part of the studies of the Sámi Academy of Music project. The actors of the network are the Sámi Region Education Center, the Sámi pool image and the municipality of Utsjoki.