Sámi Music Academy festival

The first Sámi Music Academy Festival will be held on August 29, 2020 in Utsjoki. The festival can be watched live on the Sámi Music Academy’s YouTube channel. The main artists of the festival are students of the Sámi Music Academy, who take the stage with their own solo programs and professional musicians. Because of the corona virus situation, we arrange only livestream concert.

The concert includes Sámi songs as well as Sámi joiks and livđes in the traditional form and also with musical instruments. The Sámi Music Academy festival offers a full-time music experience in a livestream. Link to the stream you will find here.

Anna Lumikivi
Laura Tapiola
Heli Aikio
Anna Morottaja
Heli Huovinen

Sámi musihkkaakademiija band:
Sami Kurppa, keyboard
Janne Lappalainen, guitar
Sara Puljula, percussion, double bass
Veli-Pekka Puttonen, bass guitar
Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman, clarinet
Annukka Hirvasvuopio-Laiti, backing vocals


15:30 Yungmiqu

Yungmiqu aka Mihkku Laiti is Sámi rapper from Utsjoki. Laiti has been yoiking and singing since he was a little boy and he plays the clarinet and drums. He has studied at the Sámi Music Academy from 2018-2020. Laiti had wanted to make music for a long time and was supported and inspired by other students at the Sámi Music Academy. Mihkku Laiti released his first song “Lihkkus It Dovdda Mu” in August 2019.


16:00 Anna Lumikivi: Nuʹtt kookkas ko čuâǥǥas peštt / As far as the road goes

As far as the road goes concert is a cross-section of Anna Lumikivi’s life. Its theme is love, family, tradition, peace and equality. The themes reflect the things that are important to Anna and that go with life as far as the road is enough.

The concert will feature songs composed and written by Anna herself, some of which have already been released before, and some of which are completely new and will now be premiered in Utsjoki. This is the first concert where Anna Lumikivi will be performing her own pop music. New Skolt Sámi music appears very rarely, so it is a major cultural event. The repertoire includes a wide variety of music from powerballades to blues and Argentine tango influences. However, all the songs are united by a peaceful harmony as well as the great emotions that go hand in hand in Anna’s music without contradiction. All songs are in Skolt Sámi language.

17:00 Laura Tapiola: Máttuid árdna / The treasure of the ancestors

Laura Tapiola’s concert features yoiks from the distant past, near the present and between them. Laura Tapiola is a musician from Utsjoki who has become acquainted with the yoik in the Utsjoki area, especially during her studies at the Sámi Music Academy. Tapiola’s strength is bringing old yoiks to this day with its own interpretations. In the Máttuid árdna concert, yoiks can be heard both in the traditional unaccompanied, free form, but also in harmony with the instruments.

18:00 Heli Aikio: Heli seilâ / Heli’s seal

Lyricist and songwriter Heli Aikio’s musical path has been going on for twenty years. At first Heli Aikio the performed Aune Kuuva’s songs and Inari Sámi hymns and now she makes her own music. For the last two years, Aikio has studied Sámi traditional and contemporary music at the Sámi Music Academy in Utsjoki. With the genealogy and archive studies included in his studies, she brings to the concert stage both the traditional livđes of her family and the livđes and songs made by herself. The concert will feature e.g. the livđes of the Paltto and Sarre families. Also some of the songs made by Aikio herself are dedicated to the members of the families. A common factor in the music of the evening is love – both the family, its places as well as the romantic love for another person.

19:00 Anna Morottaja: Jieš tot poođij nááimán / She herself came to marry

Anna Morottaja performs unheard livđes from the archives. Jieš tot poođij nááimán concert, we get a peek at Inari Sámi love stories sprinkled on hundred-year-old livđes. In the concert, Anna Morottaja will paint with her voice both the traditional way accappella and for the first time as the band’s soloist.

20:00 Heli Huovinen: Love / Ten

Heli Huovinen’s Love concert consists of songs that he has composed and written the lyrics during the 2019-2020 academic year while studying at the Sámi Music Academy. Huovinen’s music is fresh and outgoing pop music in Inari Sámi language. The songs are a snapshot of Sámi life in 2020. The lyrics cover both climate change and human relations, and everything in between. Man can travel, even to the ends of the earth, but the past always follows along. Culture and language can change, but a person cannot change their origin. The songs tell of painful topics, but equally they contain the unbridled joy and courage of youth.

Half of the songs in the concert have been arranged for the band of the Sámi Music Academy. Half of the concert, on the other hand, represents a more electronic line as the Greenlandic producer and DJ Uyarakq jump into the sticks. Dancer Janita Rantanen and media artist Kevin Francett bring their own visual expression to this part of the concert.

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