Sami Kurppa - The conductor of the closing festival introduces himself

The Sámi Music Academy festival concludes the semester of Sámi music students in 29th August in Utsjoki. During the closing festival, Sami Kurppa, a versatile music professional, holds the beat stick.

Sámi Music Academy festival

The first Sámi Music Academy Festival will be held on August 29, 2020 in Utsjoki. The festival can be watched live on the Sámi Music Academy’s YouTube channel. The main artists of the festival are students of the Sámi Music Academy, who take the stage with their own solo programs and professional musicians. Because of the corona virus situation, we arrange only livestream concert.

The co-operation gives additional value to recent graduates

End of the nightless night is soon in Utsjoki, predicting that the project is coming to an end at the Sámi Music Academy. In August, graduating students will be celebrated at the Sámi Music Academy Festival. The main stars of the day are students of the Sámi Music Academy, who will perform their own solo programs with professional musicians at the festival's concerts. Special guests for the festival come from the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory. Folk music lecturer Pasi Porvari from the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory is pleased with the cooperation between his school and music academy. “Our thoughts on the goal of our studies went together from the beginning."

Sámi Music Academy’s vision

Sámi Music Academy is an agile, flexible and versatile educator in the field of Sámi music. The academy customises various education programmes, refresher training and short courses as needed. Centred in Utsjoki, the academy’s operations are strongly networked within the entire Sámi region.

Financers and co-operation partners

The Sámi Music Academy (Sámi musihkkaakademiija) project builds a network that preserves, strengthens and develops traditional and modern Sámi music.

Sámi music

Today, Sámi music is a mixture of traditions and modern music. The roots of Sámi music are deep in the traditional Sámi vocal music genres, which are the Skolt Sámi leu´dd, Inari Sámi livđe, Northern Sámi luohti, Kildin Sámi luv´dd, Southern Sámi vuelie, and the Lule Sámi vuolle. In addition to the traditional vocal music genres, Sámi music can be found in all genres from rap to jazz/foxtrot-style humppa.

Sámi Music Academy – Student stories: